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Scoop Associates offers a robust portfolio of consulting services for non-profit and government institutions. With broad and far-reaching experience in lean management, Scoop Associates helps businesses and teams systematically achieve incremental changes in processes in order to improve efficiency and quality.

Methodology | Multi-Front

Most Effective Sequence for Sustainable Change


A single-approach solution like process re-engineering does not “stick” because upper layers critical to organization health are bypassed.

An Alternative Approach:

Engage all layers of the model through a consistent strategy of healthy engagement.


  • Data gathering (surveys, focus groups)
  • Tools/techniques to help leadership team and first echelon leaders
  • Balanced organization strategy
  • Identify strategic initiatives
  • Strategy management (drive progress)
  • Involve the workforce right away (ideas, energy)


  • Takes time to implement

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Organization Health

Organization Health



Continuing Improvement

Developing Continued Process Improvement

Engagement Path

There are many paths to a more effective organization

101 Series
Baseline Training:

  • Speed of trust
  • Crucial conversations
  • Crucial accountability
  • Conflict management
  • Getting things done

201 Series
Examples of Tailored Courses:

  • Feedback
  • Disarming unprofessionalism
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Accountability

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Scoop Associates offers a full spectrum of leadership, program management, communication, and both personalized and individualized coaching and mentorship services! Their personalized 360 Degree assessments and debriefs have resulted in more effective and connected leaders....Multiple government and corporate evaluations